Stunts and stains

Today I found myself in this trendy shoe store with a pair of extremely white sneakers on my feet. It was the last pair, for a stunt prize, and I was very interested.
I asked the shoe seller if he had some advice about how to maintain this flashing white. Could you just put them in the washing machine for instance?
No way, the shoe seller said, definitely not in the washing machine. The glue might dissolve. No, let me think…
Actually, he said, there is not really a way to clean them. Not that I know of. All you can do is not wearing them so much. And when you really want to wear them, always do some thinking first: where will I be going this day? For instance, don’t go outside when it’s raining, or snowing. Don’t go to bars, concerts or discotheques, don’t go to any place where there’s people spilling drinks or ashes, or standing on your toes. And forests and grass, don’t go there too. And just don’t wear them too often, that’s what I advice all my customers anyway, always, with all the shoes that I sell. They stay better when you don’t wear them too often.
Okay, well, I thought, and somehow I got convinced.
Far removed from all that stupid dirt flying around in this world, I sit here inside the studio, behind a desk, looking out the window, wearing blinking white sneakers. The day is ending and look at that sky, with its low evening sun, hurting the eye.

This is the beginning of a very calm life.

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