Covering and uncovering things

The statue of Michiel de Ruyter is back on its place in Vlissingen, after 7 months of restoration. While watching the evening news I snapped this picture.

This is the moment right before they pull the cover off. The thing looks a bit like a ghost, or a giant bride. Everything is possible here.
Off course, De Ruyter’s statue is supposed to be inside. It should be, it was announced it would be. So it should, shouldn’t it?
Zooming in here, you see a refreshing sense of uncertainty creep in…

Covering and uncovering things; why don’t we do that more often?
The thing we uncover doesn’t necessarily have to be new, or recently restored like this one. It can be something that has been there all along, but that we’ve never really looked at. Seriously looked at.
It can be a bush, a chair, even a living person, anything that’s able to stand still.
We hang a piece of cloth over it, we gather around it and together we watch it being unveiled. There may be a speech, some music, a toast. It can be very basic; it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or time.

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