The mountain

The mountain

Once, I climbed a mountain in order to get over a man. Stones were rolling under my feet, and here and there my feet were rolling along. Meanwhile I was carrying that man. I think he must have weighed around 85 kg. We passed the treeline. The sun shined brightly, and ahead of us was only rock and stone. Later on it got colder and a thick fog closed in on us.
At the top of the mountain I dropped the man on the ground before my feet. He just lay there quietly. ‘And now,’ I said to him, ‘I am letting you go. I will walk down this mountain without you, okay?’.
‘Okay,’ said the man.
Now comes the hardest part, I thought, now I have to get over him. He lay there stretched out, blocking the path completely. I took a deep breath and lifted my foot.
It all went surprisingly easy. Before I knew it I was over him. After this, the only important thing was to walk on and not look back. Down in the depths the world reappeared. Tiny at first, but it kept on getting bigger and bigger, wider and wider, until it enveloped me in my full length. For instance, if I wanted to enter a shop, I would no longer have to bow my head. I could just walk in and say: Hi, I‘d like to have a pack of this or that, at a normal volume and it would be heard. And then, I could just pay for whatever it was I was buying, and walk out.

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