My driving instructor told me not to look at the wheel, but focus on the road many meters ahead. If you look ahead, the wheel will follow naturally. You’ll make smooth corners and will need to make very little adjustments. Also, and this is very important, she said, you’ll have time to look, see, draw conclusions and anticipate on them. In that order, and that’s the key to driving. She wrote the words down for me on a piece of paper: look —-> see —-> conclude —-> anticipate. You’ll need a lot of practicing, she said, but if you master this particular order, there is a good chance you’ll make it.

wiel 2

A lot of practicing, I thought, that means a lot of lessons. And a lot of money. There had been nothing in my life so far I’d spent so much money on as learning how to drive. But, since this was actually some kind of a brain thing that I had to master, I figured one could also try and practice it outside the car. For free.

wiel 3

And so I tried to practice it on the bike: look, see, conclude and anticipate. Taking a shower: look, see, conclude and anticipate. Putting clothes on: look, see, conclude and anticipate. Cooking a meal: et cetera. After a while, I was singing it to myself. On the tune of ‘Stop, look, listen to your heart hear what it’s saying’.

Does it work? Well, it brings a sense of efficiency.
But no drivers license came from it. So far.
Is this story almost finished?
Wait, I don’t have any clue prepared…
I just started writing it because of these wheel drawings that I made, I thought it would be nice to present them in some kind of context. But we can actually just leave the story here and look at my last wheel drawing. Here it is:


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