Spring buffet

Spring Buffet 2_72dpi


10/05/2018 · 5:09 pm




… and also a tiny bit of unwellness



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Singing from the bushes

Singing from the bushes 1_72dpi

Singing from the bushes 2_72dpi

Singing from the bushes 3_72

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On and off

Aan en uit 72dpi

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07/09/2017 · 10:56 pm


Untitled 2017 1_72dpi.jpg

This one has been brooding about a title already for some time.
It is very difficult matter, it might just be impossible.

Untitled 2017 2_72dpi.jpg

And this one is recovering from a title it did not like and got rid of.
It’s busy with detoxing, cleaning the system.

Untitled 2017 3_72dpi.jpg

This one has been looking for a title for so long, it has lost all patience by now.
I want to know right now! Where is it?

Untitled 2017 4_72dpi.jpg

And this one doesn’t care so much. It’s busy with other things.
I intended to name it: Weed does not perish.
But now I don’t know anymore, it sounds a bit too literal.


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Domestic scenes







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Away from the center


For electric machines that refuse to work, the following strategy sometimes works: You plug them out, or you take the batteries out, and then you put them away in a box or a drawer. The place where you put them needs to be totally dark, and moved as little as possible. Then, for some months, a year, two years, you try to forget about them. You have to let them drift away from the center of your mind as far as possible.
I did this with my discman once, and after some months it was playing again. With my clockradio and also with my printer, same story. I also do it a lot with my drawings and collages. Many times it doesn’t work. I get curious too soon, or I just can’t forget about them well enough. And then the whole process has to be restarted from the beginning again.
This one above I started to forget about one and a half years ago. It worked, I totally forgot it had ever existed! And then yesterday I rediscovered it. Well well, what do we have here? I said. And then I added a little bit of this and that, je ne sais quoi, and hmm, well, I think it might just be finished now.

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