Hard times

These drawings were going through some hard times. Hang on there, I said to them, as I was leaning over them, everything will be fine. Some parts of you may have to be covered up, other parts may have to change shapes or colours. I may have to make light what was dark in you, and dark what used to be light. And, what’s more, you may have to meet new, unknown elements that I will introduce to you. They may appear strange to you at first, but you will have to trust me as I’m sticking them onto you with my glue.







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The canapé

These were made on my canapé.

Canapé 1_72dpi

I want to do more things lying down.

Canapé 3_72dpi

You don’t have to hold your back up. Or your neck. Or your head.

Canapé 2_72dpi

So you save a lot of energy


which you can transform into something else.


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First things first

First things first_72dpi

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12/05/2016 · 4:24 pm

Flop sweat

Flop sweat_72dpi

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12/05/2016 · 4:24 pm

Badminton and Roquefort




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Already for some time I’ve been trying to stop letting so many striped elements into my drawings. But the more I want to stop those stripes, the more of them come marching in. And they come in various colors, lengths and angles, as you can see here.


You open a door, and before you know it they’re all over the place. Like ants on a pie. I don’t know what to do about it.
Maybe best to sit down with them and sit them out.
I wonder what will be next.



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Bon voyage

The new year is already here


It rocks and shakes, there’s no stopping it

20 december 2015_72dpi

And all of us are inside of it


Best wishes!


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